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Create one perfectly harmonized machine, using the internet as a backbone, and reaching out to your audience through public relations, advertising, brand management, social media, analytics, and business relationship building.


Friendly Support

One of our notable differences from other firms is we have been in your chair. Making hard business decisions every day. We not only sympathize with this, but embrace it to guarantee an incredible result from our combined work.

Ready-to-Go Solutions

We have ready-to-go solutions for your Real Estate, Property Management, Car Racing, Auto and Motorsports Dealerships, Retail, Wayfinding or Medical Practice business! Easy to start-up and easy on your budget.

Customizible Solutions

Whether your business is in Real Estate, Property Management, Car Racing, Auto and Motorsports Dealerships, Retail, Wayfinding or Medical Practices, LiveDevelop will have a customizable solution to fit your needs perfectly.

Software as a Service

We say we are different, and we mean it.

It starts with our expertise at leveraging “Software as a Service.” It means we build an application for a market once, and rebrand it for each client deployment. Strategies change, but core functionality remains the same across our network of sites. Each has a unique look and feel to it.

What we do, unlike most development firms, is charge you a one-time setup and design fee, and offer low monthly subscriptions for our applications. It keeps your cashflow manageable, and your site constantly up with new technology developments. You never pay for an “update” or “upgrade.” It’s how we like to do business.

  • Medintell Medical Sites

  • Alchemy Property Management

  • MLS Integrations for Realtors

  • Service Station Pro

  • MessageStations Kiosks

  • RacingBlogz Blog Sites

  • MotorSports Dealer Sites

  • Credit Union Sites

What our clients say

  • I have had the opportunity to work with LiveDevelop.com on a myriad of creative endeavors over the past twenty years. They bring incredible insight, inspiration and a fresh perspective to each and every marketing platform. Their breadth of knowledge and wealth of experience never fail to impress. And the results he achieves on even the most limited budget are outstanding! They have the ability to take the germ of an idea or a bit of inspiration and craft it into a complete, finely executed campaign, show or presentation. Their talent for web development, and eye for clean design and refined copy writing provide measureable, long term results.  No matter the industry or the application, LiveDevelop has been an invaluable asset in our web, CRM, print and show campaigns.
    Nicole Fournier
    Vice President
  • LiveDevelop is a top notch design firm and visionaries!! They inspire people to bring out their creative abilities, and mesh with their "Evil Genius" way of thinking!! They are the best problem wranglers I have had the pleasure of working with for large or small projects. LiveDevelop ROCKS!!!
    Paul Zafarana
    happy client