Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consulting Services


Identify and manage customer segments, foster customer-satisfying behavior and implement customer centric strategies, supporting processes and tools with the help of LiveDevelop’s CRM consulting services.

LiveDevelop’s CRM combines business consulting and technologies to help you identify and manage customer segments, foster customer-satisfying behavior and implement customer-centric strategies, supporting processes and tools.

With our CRM consulting services, we help you meet your:

Business Objectives

  • Acquire new customers
  • Develop customers’ long term value
  • Optimize and monitor the cost of marketing, sales, and customer services

IT Objectives

  • Ensure complete customer view
  • Optimize IT investments
  • Reduce implementation times

Our Enterprise CRM Strategy Solutions comprise four strategy solutions:

  • Channel Strategy and Design
  • Customer Retention
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Organization Design and Transformation

Channel Strategy and Customer Retention

Channel Strategy Summary: Understand and leverage the array of potential channels for an organization to compete in and thrive, including the right organizational resources and technology required to support the approach. Channel Strategy includes the overarching strategy for the enterprise concerning its array of potential channels, from which channels to enter to how to incorporate new channels into the existing channel architecture.

The benefit of such strategy is exemplified in the case of long-existing enterprises seeking to conduct business over the internet. The underlying concept is the idea that the organization must be able to deliver products and services across seamlessly integrated channels.

Customer Retention Summary: The strategy and tactical programs designed to retain the organization’s most valuable customers including the optimal mix of organizational resources, marketing programs, and technological support. Customer Retention encompasses the strategy, plan, and implementation for retaining an organization’s most valued customers, with a focus on all processes, activities, technologies, and customer touch-points throughout the enterprise. Also included is the means to track and evaluate progress against common goals and targets.

New Customer Acquisition and Organization Design and Transformation

New Customer Acquisition Summary: The strategy and tactical programs designed to attract an organization’s most desired and valuable customers including the appropriate mix of organizational resources, marketing programs, and technological support. New Customer Acquisition encompasses the CRM strategy, plan, and implementation for acquiring new customers for the organization, with a focus on acquiring those most valued by the organization.

This includes the processes, activities, technologies, and organizational support required to deliver the new customers most desired by the organization as well as the means to track and evaluate results against the organization’s goals and targets.

Organization Design and Transformation Summary:
Implement the organizational structure and support to deliver the organization’s CRM strategy on schedule and track results with agreed upon metrics. Organization Design and Transformation is the overall structure and strategy underlying the organization’s approach to the marketplace including channels of marketing and distribution, customer support approach, and resultant measures of success.

The forward action implementation strategy and plan that our CRM consulting services strive to deliver provide the framework, expected results, organization design (including roles and responsibilities as appropriate), timetable for the transformation (and all the steps required along the way) as well as the metrics to be tracked and evaluated based on implementing a given customer approach.