service-station-proService Station Pro began with a marketing plan… a system for auto repair stations to market themselves and drive profit through the use of “Lifetime Oil Changes”, get clients coming back, establishing reputations and relationships, and being honest, raising their individual bottom lines.

Their problem was establishing a relationship with their clients. With so many auto repair options out there, how are you unique, how do you make yourself stand out. Marketing a $225 Lifetime Oil Change is easy, getting clients to become lifetime users is another.

We here developed substantially better marketing materials, and raised the look of their product to a more than respectable level. Developed a new website that not only informed prospective clients about the plans benefits and features, but also gave information to dealers looking to implement and subscribe to the Plan. We also gave each dealer their own page, highlighting the plan and giving the customers a way to communicate with their service station. We also added functionality that the dealers didn’t have to worry about, a ticker system that would inform a driver it had been three months since their last service, and to promote other add-on discounted services to their clients.

The best part? Plan members maintain their websites themselves. They fill out the new subscribers, the new dealerships, and we as a team developed a new process model for them. The system built into takes over the mundane tasks of bringing in existing clients. They are in control of their website, and we developed a side business called Service Station Pro to offer independent garages and service centers the same, and expanded marketing products branded under their name.