Yes, there is still a need for traditional marketing – whatever that is.

Do our traditions go back to the early days of websites and emails before Al Gore invented the Internet? What about commercials that started on radio in the 1920s and on television twenty years later? Or do they reach back to the time of Ben Franklin’s early newspapers in the American Colonies?

Let’s agree that our “traditional” marketing includes the many ways we marketed up until the early 1980s. Broadcast, printed media, direct mail, catalogues, brochures, outdoor boards, even people carrying what used to be called “sandwich boards” – think of the folks wearing Statue of Liberty costumes outside Liberty tax offices or even those standing by roadsides with hand lettered cardboard signage asking for a donation.

We do it.

There are times when marketers will use traditional marketing in conjunction with “e-marketing”, reaching readers with a small ad in the local newspaper, inviting them to visit a website for detailed information, and even a brief video. There are other times that traditional marketing stands alone. For example, many seniors do not carry smart phones because all they want is a “telephone” and with that telephone they often see no need to communicate through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others. We need to reach them in the way they’ve received messages most of their lives. It’s also important to understand that they R nt 2 eager to c nw copy styles in mketng msgs. When they do, they certainly do not lol.

And approximately 6,000 of them are joining these ranks each day.

Maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI)

Lets be honest… marketing budgets are usually the first to get cut in a down-turn. Our goal is not only to maximize your campaign’s reach, but also to prove how effective it is by analyzing and reporting data back to you the client. We think of it as the only way we can measure your satisfaction.

We want to be your marketing partner

Expertise and efficiency make all the difference in a projects success. We strive to become part of your team to help you create your project with maximum impact.

LiveDevelop is a full service interactive marketing company furnishing a wide array of integrated marketing services to meet all of your business and marketing needs. Our integrated approach helps you to make sure all of your business marketing needs are met successfully.

Our marketing services include:

  • Marketing Consulting Services
  • Business Consulting Services
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO – On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Brochure and Print Design
  • Corporate Branding
  • Packaging