integrationCreating a quality web project, such as a company web portal, B2B portal, e-commerce project or a client zone, requires the involvement of a whole range of specialists: in marketing and communications, design, user accessibility, SEO and SEM, and project management. These specialists are also required in the areas of HTML coding, system analysis and software, technical architecture, development, testing, operation and number of other aspects. All of these activities can be classified under web integration.

Web integration therefore involves a process of connecting all the outputs of all activities and components essential for carrying out the web project as a whole.

The web integrator is a partner who can guarantee the client that the project will comply with the agreed specifications. The web integrator is also responsible for coordinating all the necessary activities.

The web integrator is the client’s primary contact in a project. The client therefore does not need to be in touch with other specialised suppliers during implementation. The web integrator must show sufficient capability in project management.

Choosing the right partner determines the level of success of your project.

The web integrator coordinates the work of all those involved in the web integration project. In practice, this most often involves:

  • marketing and PR department of the client (agency)
  • internal systems manager
  • provider(s) of external data
  • development team – internal or external
  • solution operators
  • external specialists

The aim of the web integrator’s work is to fine tune the work of all those concerned, within the project as a whole. In particular, the web operator should be responsible for achievement of all of the specified (commercial or otherwise) benefits for the client.

As with system integration, the solution supplied by a web integrator is neither a commodity, nor a box product. Rather, it involves service delivery, frequently on a long-term basis, which is closely connected with business processes and can impact your business or functioning for many years to come. Like the search for employees and partners, selecting a web integrator does not solely depend on your precisely defined requirements, but on mutual understanding too.